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Lexus New Hatchback CT 200h – Going Green

The Lexus new hatchback – CT 200h – is currently the one and only full hybrid car on the market. This means it has two engines, a classic thermic one and an electric one. As a matter of fact, every car has a smaller electric engine as well, to use when starting the car. It cannot support too much autonomy, normally not more than a second or two. If it gets stuck, it usually gets burnt and your car starts smoking. This isn't the case with hybrid cars though. It may be a hybrid 5 door hatch car, a 2 door coupe car or a van. If it has a hybrid build, it doesn't make any difference. Hybrid cars are the cars tomorrow. They don't consume too much gas, the CO2 emissions are very low, the maximum speed is big enough to break the law in any country and the looks are constantly improving. These are the green cars. They are more expensive than regular cars for now, but if you place in a balance the financial advantages and disadvantages, your conclusion is very simple – a hybrid car is excellent.

Let's take a look at the soul of the Lexus CT 200h model – the electric engine. It is a device that transforms the electric energy into mechanical energy. The hybrid technology still has a long way to go. The ideal green car doesn't need gas at all, but only the solar energy. CT 200h uses both these types of fuel. The thermic engine is still part of the process. However, the autonomy is of about 2 kilometers. The maximum speed is of 45 km/h. The functionality principle is very simple. As the gar goes on, the batteries recharge. On a long trip, you can easily repeat this process multiple times. The batteries are located between the back wheels, under the back seats.

Saving the energy doesn't go with an electric engine only. There are multiple other small aspects that may help you out here and there, but if you combine them together, the result is actually worth. It is not a surprise that the new Lexus CT 200h is called Captain Planet. Let's take for example the front lights. The simple fact that they use the LED technology reduces the consumption with around 40 percent. Besides that, the LED technology is very popular lately for the good look. The car looks more aggressive, especially when it already has a fierce pair of lights. Even the audio system helps with this aspect.

All these aspects will definitely help you with the maintenance in the future. There is not better way to “taste” an economic car. This is why the prices a bit higher than for regular cars, but not by much. Check out the CT 200h SE-L Premier price and put it in a balance – it will be worth. Besides that, it is said that amortizing the investment doesn't take too long, plus you help saving the planet.


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